All experience is for your own good

all is well

Every one of your life experiences happens for your own good, don’t you know that?

You find it very hard to accept this statement as you believe you have been suffering a lot from your love relationship, you believe it is your partner who makes you suffer. Does all experience including those that causes your suffering truly happens for your own good? You really doubt about it.

Yes, all is, even though it often appears to the contrary.

It is indeed not rare to see people in love relationship suffer often from their experiences, when it happens, you naturally attach a label onto the experience as negative or faulty caused by your partner. The truth is, all experience in life is actually neutral rather than bad or wrong, even though it often seems otherwise.

The notion of right and wrong and the feeling of suffering is actually the products of your thoughts. In other words, it is not the experience that actually causes the suffering, but the way you think about the experience.

The truth is, the purpose of life is to transcend the negative impact of the mind so that you understand that you are happy no matter what happens in life. Joy and love are not something you can seek outside of you as they are simply your very natures. What it takes to realize truth is to simply drop the obstacles that block your vision to the truth, the very reason you cannot see the truth is due to your inherent notions that make you believe otherwise.

In a much deeper perspective, your partner is the person who loves you unconditionally and is also the one who leads you to the truth by playing such an important role in your life without consciously being aware of so. The real purpose of your partner’s role is to provide you with the experiences you need so that you can comprehend much deeper the primary truth of life not yet known to you such as true love, unconditional acceptance and letting go of your inherent notions.

The truth is made known to you in a way that you let go of the notions that make you suffer through the medium of usually a bitter experience, as a result, you will realize that the situation in which you are is not as so projected by your notions.

When you understand that every experience in your love relationship can be a catalyst through which you can transcend your suffering by dropping your attachment to notions and that the real motive behind your partner’s presence in your life is to provide you with the kind of experiences you need for spiritual growth, you will naturally be grateful for your partner who is willing to assist you for some divine purposes rather than complaining about your partner based on your judgments about what’s right or wrong.

Do you think your partner meets you in a vast sea of people, falls in love and then chooses to spend his/her whole life with you to enable you to experience the sweets and bitters of life, merely by chance?

Definitely not! Your love relationship is a direct result of the karmic arrangement before you incarnate into this lifetime, which causes a magnetic force that pull you both together at the right time, for the purpose of letting you discover your own magnificence and access your inner world of freedom through letting go of your attachment to the thoughts about the life experiences you label as suffering.

Whether you are aware or not, there are always positive reasons and purposes behind every one of your experience in life. As for now, please take a few deep breaths, simply be still and be totally non-judgmental, feel in your heart one of the most severe mental traumas you ever experienced in the past, simply observe what is, you will gradually realize that the real meaning and purpose behind that particular experience rather than only feeling being hurt as you did unless you attach a mental label again onto that experience.

Without one single exception, all experience in your life is indeed for your own good.

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