Spiritual Mentor

The real role of a spiritual mentor is not to help you achieve specific external goals, but to point you in the right direction and keep you inspired so that you know eventually who you really are and realize that all suffering is self-inflicted, that is to say, you are also the one who can undo what you had done to yourself.


快樂的真相 Truth of happiness

We all can be happy for no reason, we keep seeking happiness from outside of us just because we don’t know joy is already within us which is a nature we are all born with.




放鬆 Relax

At this moment, simply relax into your natural state of being, pay no attention to the passing thoughts, feel the feeling of the subtle pulsation from within, that is joy, that is the energy representing who you really are.



生命的本質 Nature of life

The nature of life is unconditional love which comprises of joy, courage, freedom and wisdom, you are the physical incarnation of all these qualities.


lake 2


兩個選擇 Two choices

In face of intense ordeal in life, you always have 2 choices, victimize and give up on yourself or awaken from the drama to become a brand new person.



逆境 Adversity

Don’t fight the hard times, accept & embrace them instead with love, peace and courage, they can only happen for a cause behind the surface that is for your own good.