Spiritual Mentor

The real role of a spiritual mentor is not to help you achieve specific external goals, but to point you in the right direction and keep you inspired so that you know eventually who you really are and realize that all suffering is self-inflicted, that is to say, you are also the one who can … More Spiritual Mentor

放鬆 Relax

At this moment, simply relax into your natural state of being, pay no attention to the passing thoughts, feel the feeling of the subtle pulsation from within, that is joy, that is the energy representing who you really are. 就在此刻,請完全放鬆下來,讓自己回到生命的自然狀態,不必關注任何飄過的念頭,感受由內在發出的輕微振動,那是喜悅,那是反映你真正是誰的能量。

兩個選擇 Two choices

In face of intense ordeal in life, you always have 2 choices, victimize and give up on yourself or awaken from the drama to become a brand new person. 在人生的重大考驗面前,你永遠有兩個選擇,要麼成為受害者而一蹶不振,要麼從中覺醒而脫胎換骨!