How to live a better life?

What is good life? Having a long life and being healthy are simply the components rather than the essence of a good life. What really makes for a good life is to learn to live in a state of inner peace, joy, love & fulfillment regardless of what happens. There are lots of healthy & old people who live in fear, pain & sorrow, however, when one manages to live a truly good life, the other components of life such as good health, slower aging and long life will naturally come as by-products.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people spend too much time regretting and complaining about what happened in the past and worrying about almost every trivial things in the future, more and more people find it hard to live a happy and peaceful life given the more and more challenging life situations they have to face. Even people like tycoon and super rich may sense a bottomless hole deep within themselves that needs to be filled, yet, no matter how hard they try, the senses of unfulfillment, lack, unworthiness, uncertainty and fear will not go away, making some of them suffer from depression and other health issues as a direct result.

I could see that the world is changing as more and more people have felt disappointed living the same old way backed by beliefs that were indoctrinated to them by teachers, parents, media & friends while they grew up, they realize that no matter how financially successful they have become, no matter how healthy and long lived they are, all these mundane accomplishments will not translate to good life they truly yearn for deep within them, they still get empty, emotional and unhappy easily. 

Once people begin to look inside themselves & get to know who they truly are, they will be finally on the path to a much better life, a life that is constantly filled with inner peace, joy and true satisfaction from within, a state that naturally incubates good bodily health, beauty and in some cases longevity.   

How to live a better life? Well, the answer is obvious, yet still inconspicuous to those who have not suffered enough to see that the way they live based on the beliefs they believe to be true, will not actually get them the good life they say they really want.