Real happiness to women


The women I admire most are those who know the true meaning of real felicity, a happy and satisfied family life is probably the most common trait they share.  In addition to those playing the roles of simply housewives, these women can be working class or boss of their own.  No matter what roles they play in life, they all know very well that genuine felicity for a woman can only derive from a happy love relationship. A truly intelligent woman will never sacrifice her happiness out of love or family for achievements in any other aspects, for she knows exactly where the real felicity for women comes from.

The feeling of felicity from within developed from a satisfying romantic relationship is most crucial to a woman which keeps filling her with positive energy that makes her vibrantly joyful and pretty.  The more successful a woman in career is, the greater her latent desire for love will be, for when she is really successful in career she will need a man who she can love and trust to share the joy of her achievements.  When a woman is only successful in career with nothing accomplished in love life, she will most probably numb herself with more works & materials in order to temporarily evade her true heart-felt desire.

To women, the kind of satisfaction gained from works & materials can never fill up the sense of emptiness felt from within. Hence, a career-minded woman is not necessarily happier than an unambitious woman who simply enjoys and cherish her love life.

Nowadays, the number of career women is growing fast around the world, they feel that women’s ability is equal to men, if not even better.  These women believe that they are more capable than men at workplaces and even their own husbands at home as they have beat so many male rivals before.  As a result, their self-confidence keep swelling as if their life purposes are only to gain satisfaction out of career success and transcending others.  Women of this type usually prioritize their pursuit for career desires over love life just like a typical career man. Little do they realize that they might have to pay the price of their happiness in other life aspects in exchange of their career success, including making sacrifice of their time spending with their spouse and children, even at the costs of their own health.

If you are a career woman with strong character, please clear your mind and ask your heart peacefully, be honest with yourself, what is most important to you in your life? Is getting satisfaction and excitement out of outcompeting others what you really want or experiencing real felicity through loving someone or being loved or keeping a good balance of both a much smarter choice for you as a woman?  The choice is always yours.

Even though you believe that career is of paramount importance to you at this moment, you might even think that winning others gives you the most satisfying feeling in the world, you do know deep down that happiness is something money can’t buy,  you might have already missed the precious opportunity for real felicity when you get old.

I am not suggesting that it is wrong to become a career women, the key actually lies in whether you can cultivate and maintain a life better balanced or not, a life that is truly satisfying and enjoyable to a woman.  Don’t ever pay the cost of your lifetime felicity unwittingly in mere pursuit of career or vanity.

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