Successful man, redefined.


Most men believe that spending their whole life going after career satisfaction and making more money are the most important criteria to define a successful man.  Yet, many women are after a life simply to be able to bathe in the love sea of the men they love, which is a feeling that they get when their men cherish and care about them through their time together.

To most men, it almost sounds like a mission impossible to be able to make their wives always feel loved. Men of this type might argue that men should have something more important to pursue than romance.  They yell : “Don’t tell me that men should give up their career to simply fulfill women’s desires?  Don’t tell me that making money is not important to the wellbeing of my wife and the children? ”

If you are also a man thinking that way, what I can say is that you might have limited your life meaning to one single area, however, your life meaning is not confined to only career or any other one area, it can also include many other different elements, such as love, family, health, spirituality, friendship, knowledge, parent, personal hobbies etc.

Different people attach different extent of importance to different life elements at different stages of life, matched with corresponding efforts and time, are you one of them?

In retrospect, when you were still at the stage of dating your current wife, you used to treat love as something very important. You have simply changed your priority of importance from love to career as you think love should give way to career development after marriage.  By the time you become old, you might think that family is your number one concern which might be more desirable to you.  During those time, it is likely that you think that the most important thing to your life is the success and happiness of your grandchildren.

The weight you put on every life aspect that constitutes your life meaning changes along with your age and perspective of life. What you now believe as the most important aspect might not be as important or even unimportant in the future, likewise, what you now believe as not important might become something of paramount importance to you one day. The past you chose affects your present, the present you choose will definitely have a great impact on your future as well. There might not be a chance you can make up those life aspects you neglected in the past as it might cause you permanent damage that can never be mended. The choice is yours and you have to be responsible for all the choices you make in your life.

Apart from paying attention to only the part you now attach the most importance to, don’t you know that you can also choose a more balanced life rather than aiming at only one extreme.  Have you ever comforted your wife by saying that your devotion to career is for her own good?  Don’t break the heart of your loved ones simply because of your pursuit in career.  Don’t undermine your own felicity that can be extended to the future simply because of what you now believe to be the most important thing in life.  Don’t tell me it is what you said you will do for your wife’s own good when you do otherwise.

Please ask yourself what else do you know besides making money?

Can you become a man who can make your wife really happy?

Can you be a man who can make the one who loves you always immerse herself in your sea of love?

In fact, those men who can only succeed in career cannot be considered as truly successful, only those who know how to balance different parts of their life will find their lives truly satisfying and thus successful as a man with true wisdom.


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