Fulfillment within


No matter how beautiful you look, how well educated you are, how much wealth you posses, how wonderful a love relationship you have maintained, how healthy you are, you still feel insecure and empty somehow because you know that these conditions cannot really fulfill your yearning from deep within.  You then figure out a way by wanting more, desperately trying hard to fill the emptiness and sense of insecurity with more of those achievements such as more money, higher social status, more body workouts, more nutrition intakes, more assurance from your loved ones, more romantic relationships, more knowledge etc. However, you finally realize that the more you keep adding to your life, the less you can be joyful and self-fulfilled. The abyss of needs stemmed from your body & mind seems bottomless and even fearful to think of.

The primary reason you do not feel fulfilled from within is that we do not pay attention to your soul which is your true identity.  If the callings from the soul level cannot be noticed and answered, you will never ever truly feel satisfied and fulfilled no matter how much you have served the needs of your body & mind because you are not only your body and mind, you are a soul inhabiting your body and mind.

Listen to the song of your soul in form of feeling, your soul yearns for nothing more than simply your utter attention to your very being. You can experience the feeling of true fulfillment when you turn within in the present moment to realize that you are the very fulfillment you have been seeking, being fulfilled and satisfied is simply your true nature.  It is only when you seek external fulfillment that you are made further away from knowing the simple truth that there is no need at all to do anything to become more fulfilled.  It’s like you are already at the tiptop of a mountain without knowing you are there, you try very hard to walk and climb further to get there without knowing that your efforts are all in vain and simply unnecessary.  You are already where you wish to be, simply be to realize it right now.

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