How to relieve physical pain differently?


What you can do to quickly relieve pain is actually very simple, it is good for coping with a new wound or incessant pain caused by chronic disease.   Here are the steps when the pain comes up:

Close your eyes and relax yourself.

Focus on the area of pain without any judgement.

—  Be with the pain fully with your WHOLE being, embrace the pain with love and understanding.

— Direct your feeling deeper and deeper to find out what the pain is really like.

Thats it.  Chances are, you will see your pain diminish significantly and even gone in only seconds.  Try it, if you fail once, do it again, it really works. 

Physical pain of the body works as mainly a signal to remind you of the urgent need to pay attention to the body area currently damaged or in trouble. Yet most of us are conditioned to think that pain is a suffering rather than simply signal, we cant help but feel very negative about pain and call it a suffering by attaching labels of suffering thought and emotion to the pain. As a result, the physical pain is extended and strengthened, making it real that the pain is really a suffering as you thought it is.

Physical pain and suffering are never the same things, they are essentially separable.  It is only the person who attaches the negative thoughts and emotions to the pain that actually causes his/her suffering.

The pain is real, the suffering is not, yet your thinking makes it real.


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