If you know….


If you know you are joy yourself, do you still depend on anything external to be joyful?

If you know life is eternal, will you still be fearful of physical “death”?  If you are not afraid of “death”, what else in life can put you in fear?

If you know freedom is the yearning of your soul, do you still prefer to live in a way to allow your life to be restricted by mental bondage & limitations of any kind in exchange of your senses of security?  The very need to acquire senses of security is by itself a mental dependence that takes your freedom away.

If you know that we are all one, will you still prefer competition to cooperation, hoarding and wasting to sharing, war to peace?  If you know you are an inseparable part of the whole, what you do to others will only come back to you one day, will you still seek to achieve your goals at all costs including causing harm to others?

If you know you are love yourself, you will naturally love everyone else as if you are loving yourself.  Your love is unconditional which is simply your very essence, there is no way you do not love yourself and others when you realize this truth of life.  You no longer depend on anything for a sense of security as unconditional love is the ultimate security which is life itself.

If you know the truth of life, you will be free of all kinds of fear and literally live a life anew.

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