What to believe

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Lots of people are reluctant to be open to what they have not believed yet, this is the very reason they cannot be able to know more truths.  The less truth they realize, the more fearful they become.

You can only know the truth by letting go of what you have already believed in the first place before you can open the door to receive more truth through not only the five senses, but also your intuition, feelings or awareness.  Your very thoughts of needing to get proof of what you hear before opening your heart, is a reflection of your fear which closes the door for the truth to enter your heart.

It is simply logical to assume that we as human are still at infant step in our understanding & knowing of how everything works in our world, much less the universe.  There are indeed so many things we as human cannot prove to be true scientifically & even philosophically, yet it does not mean that what we cannot prove cannot exist, it can only mean that we simply cannot prove yet what is and what’s already there based on our limited perspective, understanding, consciousness and even technologies.  When you can only believe something new to you with presence of hard evidence, you have chosen to believe only what you are told by scientists, philosophers, scholars, social leaders whose visions and understandings are as well blocked by their own limitations.

To realize more truth, we can always choose to open our hearts to everything, it’s like opening a door in our heart to first let everything in so that you can take what actually vibes with you to become parts of your truth and simply leave the rest.  This way, you have empowered your soul to guide you through the truth knowing process leading you to the path to the wisdom within.

Believing in the first place the unknown actually takes more courage than we could imagine necessary, as most of our decisions are fear-based which is what often keeps us holding on to something we have already believed for a sense of security.

The fact is, it is not important what to believe at all, simply let go of what you believed to realize what is true to you at every moment of now.

The more truth you realize, the less fear you will carry with you.  The truth will set you free.

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