What is LOVE?


You may be truly loving someone, yet you might not be acting in a way of true love, check out the statements below to see if any of them describes you:

When you always wish to change your loved one,

When you think you have the right to possess & control your loved one,

When you expect something in return for what you have done to your loved one,

When your state of happiness depends very much on your loved one,

When you limit the freedom of your loved one,

When you find it hard to forgive what you think to be your loved one’s wrongdoing,

When you are judgmental & harsh on your loved one & yourself.

So, what is love then?

Love is freedom naturally expressed, embraced, honored & shared.

Loving someone is to simply embrace your loved one within your field of being,

Loving someone is to simply let your loved one be who they are and who they wish to be.

Love is not in any way constricted by marriage, promise & bondage of any kind, it’s simply a natural state in which you express yourself, your presence & passion to be with the person you feel connected to.

Love is forgiveness expressed, no matter what, as you already know there is nothing to forgive.

Love is your natural state of being, you are love.  Simply be love, to know about love.  

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