We are all one


At energy level, we are all one.  Youself, a rose, a cat, an ant, a rock, a tree, a thought, a word spoken, literally everything in the universe is all the same energy vibrating at different frequencies and patterns.

Indeed, we are truly interconnected and interwoven with everything at energy level .  When you have a thought, you literally send out a signal to the universal energy field that causes the whole field to readjust itself to reflect your transmission. The incredible complexity and speed required to do so is definitely mind boggling when multi-billions of thoughts & actions from everything are being transmitted simultaneously to the tapestry of the whole energy field

Since we are all one, what we do to others we are doing it to ourselves, the effect of which will sooner & later bounce back to ourselves without exception.  Once we understand & admit such fact, our way of interacting with others will be different, we will wish to treat others the way we treat ourselves, we will see a piece of ourselves in all others.  We will cooperate rather than compete with each other. We will help rather than hurt each other, we will nourish rather than exploit our mother earth, we will love each other as if we are loving ourselves.

Can you imagine what our world will become when everyone of us realize and embrace such truth?  This will mark a great leap in our evolution as a species.

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