What makes you happy?


You may say, the money you own, the love promised by your spouse, the house you live in, the knowledge you learn, your social status people look up to, the bodily beauty and health conditions you are proud of, well even the spiritual achievement you have make you happy.

Ask yourself a simple question, will you be unhappy if some of these conditions disappear or simply weaken one day?  Chances are, you will not be happy if you are attached to any external conditions, by the way, I am not saying you should be happy when you are looted or when you see your house on fire or when you get sick, it is more than OK to express your emotions such as anger & grief when you face life challenges, yet you can choose to be in a peaceful zone in your heart if you depend on nothing for happiness, where a state of unshakable balance and stability can be felt even when life changes it’s course for some reasons and purposes.  What makes you happy can easily make you unhappy if you depend on a certain external conditions for happiness for everything is impermanent, changes is the only unchanged fact.

Depending on nothing for happiness is what really makes and keeps us happy, no matter what.

What makes you happy?” 有 2 則迴響

  1. But sometimes I do feel that true happiness can easily be derived from things you truly value. Things like your family and spouse. If loving them can bring you happiness, why not? If helping the unprivileged people by volunteering your service can give you happiness, why not?

    I understand what you trying to drive at, the inner most happiness, the happiness that you gained by attained peace with yourself. But is really hard to attain such level of happiness, especially when no man is an island.

  2. So true. We all have our ways to be happy, this post is to point out that when the conditions that used to make us happy changed, how can we still maintain our balance and thus joy from inside? How can we stay in a state of inner peace when someone dear to us leave us or/and when we are no longer healthy enough to do what used to bring us happiness…..

    The key is to let go of the notion that we need to depend on anything for happiness and simply to realize joy is our very nature. There is actually nothing we need to do and add to ourselves to be happy.

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