Wisdom is within you


Let go of your ego which is simply a make-up of some rigid thinking patterns and notions you carried with you from the past including those from the past lives, bypass the limited wisdom coming out of your thinking mind so that you can access the true wisdom from infinite source which is already within you.

Live from you heart! You will be guided from within, your soul which is the essential part of the oneness consciousness will give you the guidance you ever need during your every lifetime.  Go within, be brave to trust the inner voice & feeling where your wisdom truly resides.

Wisdom reveals itself when the thinking stops.

Wisdom is within you” 有 4 則迴響

  1. After having a profound insight several years ago – a paradigm shift, moment of satori, waking up, or whatever terminology resonates with you – I began falling slowly back into my previously conditioned state.

    I discovered that if I wasn’t careful and intentional in my thoughts my old neural networks were still ready to fire away, and would lull me back into a stoic sort of familiar comfort.

    As I began reading and researching and thinking my way forward it suddenly hit me – I know and have known everything I need to be blissfully happy. I was searching for something new to tack on, but when I’d shifted to that state before I had LESS knowledge, not MORE knowledge.

    In an instant the realization rushed through me that even 3,000 years ago, with little scientific understanding of the world, people were able to have paradigm shifts and moments of clarity. The very pursuit itself WAS the hindrance because it came from a mental place that said “I need more, I cannot be happy without (blank)".

    This post reminded me of that moment, and it’s rather peaceful to keep that lens polished and refreshed.

    Thanks for the post, and great blog! I will be reading this quite often.

  2. Even if you come into this life perfect in body, perfect in mind, perfect in soul… well guess what, the wind will blow. And we will move out of connection. It’s natural, it’s the ebb and flow of existence.

    The more you consciously participate in mindful living, and more towards the characteristics you like, the type of person you want to be, the more you actually change the physical structure of your brain. When you use your brain, and also when you meditate, or any other activity you substitute for meditation, you are literally rewiring the neural connections in your brain. Over time the continuous rewiring of your brain can lead to more permanent, more substantial changes in your behavior and habits. This is why, because or neuro-plasticity, if Alzheimers is caught early on enough, the damaged part of the brain can actually be re-routed around, to reconnect the lost neural connections.

    Your brain cells are actually regenerating aside from popular belief that you a set number you slow lose over the course of your life.

    That’s the beauty of insight, it’s just a peek within. Paradigm shifts require you to get off balance from time to time, for you to slip in and out like the tide. If you shifted permanently, you could never re-experience the magnificence of reconnecting with yourself.

    The Bliss of discovering yourself is the desire of all life. To experience yourself and you cannot do that unless you come from a place that is not you. Be proud of your insight, but also be proud of your “regression" into old habits.

    Just keep in mind, it’s all good!

  3. Thank you for sharing. There is indeed we really need to do, just be and allow ourselves to go with the flow of life. Wisdom arises from the stillness and state of surrender. The very thoughts of controlling our lives block our access to the wisdom and joy from within.

  4. So true! All is well. It is indeed the polarity and duality that enable the knowing of the extremes which makes up the life experiences we need before we settle automatically in the center (neutral point) through surrendering to the power & rhythm of life.

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