Seeking truth less indirectly


I prefer to walk my own ways as simply a truth seeker with complete freedom.  I take whatever resonate with my heart and leave the rest.  I am not trapped in any religion as religion is like a well, you will not be able to see the full picture of the world if you were kept in the bottom of the well since you were born.  You can only see the world through the opening of the well and you are convinced that’s the only reality out there.

It is not right or wrong to be religious, I have no judgment on that which is only a choice you make for yourself.  I simply encourage you to ask yourself some of these simple questions: Why do you choose to stick with one religion if you really wish to know more about the truth of life?  Do you agree it is more likely you can see the truth from different perspectives without any boundary and limitation?

Again, being who you are now is fine, what I am trying to say is that, why don’t you try to explore a little bit more with a open heart to seek the truth of life from different angles to see what else is out there, rather than seeking the truth indirectly through only one door?

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  1. I think of religion as a rule based single path to the truth. I think of spirituality as surrender.

    To me to follow a religion is to follow a single road, with guard rails on the sides. The dogma makes sure you follow the path as it leads you, where as when you explore life and the truth of life from a more free perspective its like walking one path, then off the path through the brush to another path, and maybe beside that path, then back through the wild in whatever direction at whatever pace and way you choose.

    Religion is okay for people who cannot think for themselves, for people who are afraid, unable, or unwilling to think things through for themselves. And also of course for people who cannot possibly understand the more complex truths of life.

    To paraphrase the message of Jesus, If you can’t have faith in anything else, have faith in me. If you can’t believe, or can’t conceive what the truth is, believe in me. Believe that I know, that I won’t lead you astray, if you can’t keep up, if you can’t follow along, follow me.

  2. Everyone is on the path of evolution at different stages, most of them feel comfy having some belief system to rely on mentally and spirtually especially during hard time and suffering. This is simply a choice they make that reflects their status in evolution which is fine as it might simply be a process through which people evolve. Once people realize that they don’t actually need to depend on religion and anything other than themselves to be joyful and secure, they might choose differently and begin to see out of the box.

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