The present moment

Find some time each day to be still, stay centered and anchor deeply in your heart to feel the aliveness of your body in the present moment.  Once you stay in the moment of NOW, you will not be easily subject to external influences that usually pull you away from your core & render you off-balanced.  When it becomes a habit for you to visit the realm of now, chances are, you might still have negative emotion, yet it will be much short-lived and less powerful than used to be.  When you are in the now, your mind can no longer grasp you and thus keep interpreting what you see and in many cases unconsciously creating the realities you don’t want.


Simply be a silent observer of what’s going on around you, do not label what you see, just observe without judgment so as to realize the truth of life as they really are, not what you think and judge they are.   Your very act of being this way will also bring you back to the present moment.

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  1. Concept-wise, it is not really that tricky, yet it is not easy at all to stay in the now due to the noises from our mind.

  2. The funny thing about life is it gets more complex but not necessarily more complicated. There’s a difference.

    If anything were really all that easy, the game would be over. The drifting out of your attention from the now, to the present, to the past, is natural. You’ll have just as hard a time trying to stay in the present moment by forcing yourself too over being upset that you aren’t.

    Just be who you are, be where you are, and remember the mind isn’t your enemy. If we are all one, how can there possibly be an enemy?

  3. It is our thinking of the past and the future that usually caused our suffering. Yet, as you said, they are necessary components in life to be had in order for us to experience the contrast, to enable us to cherish the state of peace, serenity and joy being in the present moment.

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