Don’t control your life


Whenever you think there is something wrong in your life, you always tried to fix it, you want to control your life in an orderly fashion.   However, sometimes it seemed obvious to you that the more you control your life, the more passive you become as if you are a victim of your life.  Chances are, you are not happy most of the time when you control your life, why?  Because what you give out simply bounce back to you, this is nothing mystical, simply a natural law of how life works.  The more you control your life, the more energies of control bouncing back to you by your intents to control your life.   How can you be ever happy if you have no idea that you are actually controlled by yourself as the very cause of your suffering?

The truth is, life is not something you can control, life is not intended that way by design, life’s very nature is simply for you to experience it without resistance & judgment.  Whenever you resist and try hard to control your life, you can’t help but strengthen what you think it is energetically with your thoughts of resistance and control.  The moment when you go against the nature of life, you inevitably inflict & perpetuate suffering on yourself.

Someone might ask, what could happen to me if I don’t control my life, will my life become chaotic & unsafe as a result of no control.  My response is, trust you life, simply live it, not to judge it, accept it, embrace it, feel it, be passionate about it, then be receptive & responsive to what life has to guide you to do intuitively instead of what you think you need to do to have your life under control.

The biggest secret in living your life to the fullness lies in your complete surrender to the natural flow of life without you interfering.  Dare to be unsafe & vulnerable will take you to a truly safe & peaceful state of being.

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