Knowing from the unknown


Did you ever have experiences of knowing what you have just said only after you said it?  That means you actually did not know what you were going to say before you said it, you did not have thoughts about it and did nothing to prepare what you were going to say.  You only knew and in some cases learnt from what you just said before you literally said it.  Well, these experiences happened to me occasionally when I was little, it’s now pretty much a normal part of my life.   Yet I could not quite figure out the real causes of such experiences until quite recently.

True wisdom arises from a source of inner knowing at the time when our logical thinking gets out of the way and thus says nothing about what is.  All great artists such as painters, musicians, poets, authors know it through their own creative experiences, they regard this level of experience as simply a natural stage ready for the outflow of true creativity.

You know spontaneously what you choose to know when you simply say it without first knowing what exactly you are saying, given that the logical mind is not interfering.  It’s about saying something you don’t yet know, you can even teach what you choose to learn from what you just said that you didn’t know yet.

Don’t be afraid of knowing from the unknown, it’s indeed the very source of truth and wisdom that you choose to know during this lifetime.

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