Live in grace for celebration of life


When you think your life is not as good as it should be, look deeper to see perfection in every life experience, for life is indeed perfect.  You said you only see imperfection in most of your life experiences, you keep blaming your life for the inequality in relationship to the people with better lives around you, the truth is, you got life all wrong!

Life is like a puzzle, we all are a piece of the whole puzzle.  Every piece of puzzle is different in some ways, such as the graphics on it, yet each plays equally the same role in the formation of the grander view.  When you do not see life from a higher and grander perspective, you have no idea what you are doing, you don’t even know what your life is for.  The fact is, the piece that is you which you now regard as imperfect fits perfectly to the whole as an indispensable ingredient, a piece of puzzle with less colorful graphics on it does not make it less perfect, it is simply a unique feature which has to be different with all other pieces in order to form the grander whole.  It is due to your lack of knowing in the essential role you as a unique piece is playing to the whole, you judge your life as imperfect.

Puzzle without a piece is imperfect, likewise, life without you is imperfect, yet it is not possible, for you are immortal.  What you call imperfect life is simply what it takes as a phase of evolution leading to a grander perfection in life.

Live in grace and gratitude in every moment of NOW for celebration of life no matter how it appears otherwise, for perfection of life is already assured.  Once you are convinced of the fact that life is always perfect, you will begin to see perfection in everything, including those you used to label as imperfect.

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