Knowing the truth of life


After reading quite many spiritual teachings in the past few years, I know that all the spiritual teachings about the truth of life are actually pointing to the same source simply expressed by different persons from different angles at different time.  They are simply pointers showing you how they see the truths, it is not yours until you choose & claim it to be yours.  It comes down to your own choice if you accept or reject the teachings you read or being told, the decision of making such choice by yourself is therefore far more important than the teachings you come across with as you are exposed to infinite amount of teachings noticed and unnoticed during your life.  You might not know a thing about the truth if you simply live in your mind, that which not available in your mind will usually reject something new to enter your mind due to your notions driven by fear.

The truth of life is actually available to everyone when you are ready to receive.  The part of truth known to you is the part you are ready to know at the moment of knowing, there is no need to rush to know anything, you know when you are simply ready to know it, if you do not know it now, it only means it’s not the right time for you to know it yet, just be patient, be still and choose to know it when it comes up & resonates with your heart.

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