Why do I always suffer in my life?


What you label as suffering is only what you think & believe to be so, in reality, nothing can make you suffer without your permission. You allow a person or a particular situation to make you suffer when you identify with the thoughts coming from your deep-seated notions, it is therefore your interpretation of the external condition in a certain way that actually caused your suffering.

In most cases, you further prolong your suffering through clinging to your thoughts that you are a victim of a certain condition. In short, you can only suffer when you think you are supposed to suffer, once you change your perspective or drop your preset thought about a condition, you will realize that it is your way of thinking that makes you suffer, not the condition itself.

Nevertheless, remember that every experience you name as suffering happens for a reason and purpose, many of which are actually beckoned by your soul for you to experience them for your highest good. It is just that you are not always calm and still enough to see through the surface of the experience that you think you need to fight rather than embrace it.   I cannot stress enough that suffering in your life is not real, it is your thinking that makes them real.  Always see the beauty in each experience happened in your life as there must be a reason serving your own good on soul level if not the mind and body levels without any exception. Isn’t life wonderful?

Express your heartfelt gratitude next time when you meet with an experience that you used to label as “suffering" for it is indeed a blessing, a gift life has to offer you.

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