Is there a destiny?


Yes and no, depending on perspectives.

Life can be described as a video game that the player can decide freely at any time what to do in each step with the tools provided to encounter and respond to the different challenges in life and eventually achieve the goals set for the game,  This is the ever-changing part in life which you decide & create by all the choices you make, yet you are playing within a fixed framework which is indeed a predesigned software with unimaginable vastness and possibilities.

You are indeed a painter, you are creating a masterpiece of your own life painting with paints, canvas & all necessary tools provided for the purpose of creating your life anew.  You could not always have a say on what tools you have, but you can always paint your life the way you want it simply with what you are, what you do & what you have.

Are you ready to make a new painting of your life within the context of a game you call life?

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