What is God?


Generally speaking, God is simply a label people use to describe an almighty deity with overwhelming power over humanity out of their imaginations. However, since God is such a popular name used & recognized by most of us, it is helpful to use God as a label for the sake of describing what God is.

Yet It is simply not possible that we as human can define what God really is, for God is not someone, not something, not an object & subject, not a nameable concept we can hold in our human minds, what we can do is to describe from a certain angles what such label points to.

God is not an individual figure in a particular form living somewhere in the universe. God is all that is, God is life itself, there is nothing not God, God is in all things and the only thing, there is nothing outside of God, indeed there is no such thing as outside when relativity is not present.

In other words, everything is God, therefore God is already within us, we are all God expressed as an individualized version of it, yet you will never know what exactly it is until the moment you drop any name or label about it.

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