Face your fear


The best way to transcend your fear is to courageously face your fear head on at the present moment.  Whenever you feel fearful of something, take a couple of deep breaths, focusing on your breaths can help bring you to the present moment, then try to be curious to simply feel what fear is like and how fear affects your body and creates your emotion.

When you observe your fear real deep without any mental judgment, you will see through it, you will realize that fear is actually not as real as it seemed, it’s nothing but mental projections from some deep-seated notions in your mind causing you to be fearful of something your mind said you should.

Once you are aware that fear is only an illusory mental construct, a great extent of fear dissolves as a result of such knowing.

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  1. Nice! I agree that there is no other better ways to lighten your fear than to face with it directly. The more avoidance, the greater the fear it becomes.

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