The truth of death


Death is probably the biggest fear to humanity, yet even death itself is not real, there is no death as we all are immortal souls inhabiting different physical bodies to go through different life experiences in order to know who we really are.  Life is about experiencing what we are not until we realize what we really are.

Life & death is not a linear thing, it is a cycle in motion.  As an immortal soul, life will never ends, it simply can’t.  In order to experience yourself, you need a physical body to experience life in a certain ways on earth, you simply drop that body when you are done what you intend to experience during this lifetime.  You then go back to where you came from in the formless realm, you decide to forget everything about what you had experienced and who you really are, so that you can put on another physical body to experience a different life as if that was your only life, as if there was an ultimate end to your life you call death.

There is no death, we all only reach the finish line of a particular life experience in a certain form, which actually marks the beginning of a new one that keeps the cycle of life in motion, leading to your evolution.

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