Out of your mind


You think there are always something you should and have to do, yet there is nothing we have to do when your thinking stops completely.  When you are literally out of your mind, you realize there is nothing you need to do and should do, yet, you might even do more, you do whatever you are guided to do without ever asking why you are doing it, you simply do it.  You become the very experience of doing, there is no more YOU doing it.  All great performers on the stage know it, at some points, they didn’t feel that they were the ones performing, the performers were already absent when they were fully focused and present, what’s left can only be the performance itself.  It was when they were so intensely engaged in the now moment, they were completely out of their minds, it was when they were out of their minds, their I, which are nothing but simply a concept, disappear.

Once you are out of your mind, rather than being the protagonist of your own life drama without knowing you are acting, you become an audience knowing you can be an actor, audience & even director of the drama; rather than you driving a speedboat always trying to get somewhere, you know you can simply flow gracefully & thus effortlessly along the river called life to get to the place serving your highest good.

Once you are out of your mind, the concepts of should/should not and must/must not no longer exist,  you simply enjoy everything that happens in your life and everything that you do.  You no longer need a bunch of reasons to be joyful, you are joy and peace when simply be who you really are, not who you think you are.

Once you are out of your mind, the truth of life emerges, your life quality will be profoundly enhanced as a result of such knowing.  You will know how to work in harmony with your mind and call it a friend rather than being at the mercy of your mind unconsciously.

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