Knowing our original state of being


Knowing who you really are is actually nothing mysterious, it is simply about knowing you are already in your original state of being from not knowing it yet. Our original state of being is where you are right now WITHOUT your mind interfering and interpreting what is. 

Simply let go of what you think you are and everything you think you need to do and just be to feel what is left, don’t think about it, just feel it without any judgment and opinion, what do you feel at this very moment?   

Once you think again, your mind will pull you away from your original state of being back to your “normal” world again – a world constructed by your thinking mind which you call reality. 


4 thoughts on “Knowing our original state of being

  1. It just kind of sad that most of us live in our own world of “reality” where we have our own perceived self. Sometimes we could go so deep into this “reality” that might be hard for one to be out.


  2. Yes, knowing the truth of who we really are is indeed very simple and direct, yet very difficult for most people due to their attachements to what they believe to be true or untrue.


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