What is reality? The so-called reality is simply what you think your state of life and the world you are in should be, this is a mind-based reality you created based very much on your notions of value which have been instilled into your mind since you were little. You were conditioned to hold such notions to distinguish what is right from wrong, what is good from bad, what is true from false and as a result, you keep judging everything you encounter in life and judge yourself if you are happy, satisfied, successful and a good person.  

You can choose to depend on your notions collected from the past as a basis to make most of your decisions for today & tomorrow, or, you can choose to respond from your heart rather than your thinking mind to what is in the present moment.  Yes, it’s simply a matter of choice. 

Let go of the notions that you cling to which are nothing but rigid layers that veil your awareness. You and the world is not what you think it is, it simply is.  Once you choose to act upon your heart in every moment of now rather than your notions, you will be aware of the reality of what is.

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