Do you easily feel hurt by what others say to or about you? The fact is, no matter what others say about you, what they said will never be the real cause of your suffering.  Your being hurtwas usually caused by some unhealed emotional traumas you experienced in the past that you still carry today.  If the traumas can be properly taken care of, you will not easily feel hurt no matter what others said about you.  Your thoughts in response to what people said can no longer be fueled by any of your dormant traumas leading to emotional upheaval.

Next time when you are again mad at what seems like verbal attack against you, stop and look within, you will notice that that it is actually the unhealed traumas you have within that triggered your reflective resentment to what people said about you.

Your traumas will be healed when you begin to notice them, be in the present with them and embrace them unconditionally.

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