It’s alright


It’s alright ! The experience of suffering is simply what it looks like so to you, rather than the truth itself.  You learn life lessons through what appear to be painful experiences life has to teach you.  Do not miss the sweetness of the orange flesh simply because of the bitterness of the orange peel.

It’s alright !  Toddlers learning to walk keep falling and crying.  All the pain you have experienced is simply the alarm clock to inspire your courage & wake up your soul.  When you were still in a nightmare , you mired in fear and anxiety, because you thought that the dream was your only reality, when you awakened, you immediately understood that your suffering was nothing but simply a terrible illusion.

It’s alright, no matter what you’ve gone through, what you are going through, what you worry about going through in the future, you are always loved unconditionally by an almighty force behind life as you know it. 

It’s alright, everything that happens to you is simply life experience that are neutral in nature which is not good or bad, right or wrong, pretty or ugly, it’s indeed your thinking that makes it so.  Everything happens for a reason & purpose without exception, all for your highest good. 

It’s alright ! Because joy is not something you need to seek and depend upon from the outside , it’s your true nature.  You simply don’t know it, when you know it you simply don’t believe it.  You said it sounds too good to be true.  But, feel it, it’s there when you let go of what you think to be true to know the ultimate truth.   

Take a few deep breaths, can’t you feel you are perfectly alright?

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