The role of your mind

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The role of our mind is to do the job of making thoughts, it is the non-physical aspects of the physical organ called brain which interprets human perceptions such as sight vs eyes, taste vs tongue, hearing vs ears…. These are the effects of the various parts of our physical body which by design are very useful in a way that we can live our human lives in this 3D world experientially, brain for instance is very powerful and useful to enable a human to function properly. We use our brain to remember, analyze, think, store….however, our mind is also addicted to it’s thinking patterns that generates emotion and judgment which in my personal experiences is the very cause of our suffering during our lifetime experience. Since the power of the preset mind is so strong that it works like a very strong magnet that pushes our way through our entire lifetime according to a certain pattern – a pattern we call destiny that we are attracted to follow. The back-pushing force is so powerful as it comes from what we have done in our past lives, it forms an inner inertia deep inside our mind that we cannot easily cast off the gravitation as most of us only believe what their minds tell them, they are so attached to what the mind thinks and perceives to be the only and ultimate truth.

However, the truth is, the world we are living in is illusory, the 3D reality is a product of the collective consciousness of the people living in it. Such 3D reality is built based on fear, that’s why, no matter how happy you think you are now, you just can’t keep it, the happiness projected by the mind is always fleeting, because our logical mind is laden with fear, it always feel deficient, it always requires more to fill it’s deficiency in order to be temporarily sufficient. Because of fear, the mind becomes easily egoistic so as to uphold it’s superiority status in order to be judgmental against anything, anyone less superior to the subject. The mind is thus the very cause of all suffering, no thing, no one in the world is painful, bad, wrong, inferior, mind makes it so by labeling the objects the way the mind believe. Yet, the mind has it’s role in human experience, we cannot be judgmental ourselves, we need to see the mind the way it really is. For instance, the mind helps you organize your life in a more sequential & logical manner when required, the mind also helps you remember what you need to recall from your past experiences and knowledge to be used in the now etc…the very fact is that it has it’s pros and cons.

Once I depend much less on mind, I still know what I need to know, I don’t actually need to use my brain to perform any thinking as I did when I talk and type, I just know them without passing through the old route which is slower and less efficient. Mind is a storage and data processing device for past knowledge and memories of what had occured, it cannot create anything new at all, you can only create when you can bypass your mind, such as when I am now typing, I only know what I typed after I typed. I only know what I spoke after I spoke (sometimes still quite a surprise for me to know what I just spoke after I spoke something). I heard the voiced words to know what I actually said the very first time. These are my actual personal experience to share with you about how our mind blocks our vision to the truth and being creative.

I don’t care if I am talking about new age, buddha, spirituality or psychic, I don’t really care as I know I am simply telling what I know to be truth, words simply flows out from within as one of the life experiences for me to know better who I am. No need to label what people said as something, they are what they are.

The key to the truth, is to see things as they really are. The mind is a construct which veils what is, once you drop your veil, you become part of the truth, you are truth, you are truth that no longer in a state of separation as in the state of mind anymore. The truth cannot actually be spoken, once it’s spoken in some ways, it is not the very truth,for the way it is spoken can simply describe what the truth is like, but never the truth in it’s fullness and entity. Look, the gap is big between perception with mind and no mind, when you see something with mind, you keep judging and labeling everything you see with many adjectives, they are what you THINK they are and in many cases, inevitably, different people might have different interpretation of the same thing as the minds are different. When you see things without the mind involved, you see things as they originally and really are, without judgment, for orange is not orange, it is something named orange by the mind for the sake of convenience for communication , the list goes on…..

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