Who you really are?

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We are all living in a world of duality where there is good or bad, left or right, right or wrong, happy or sad, these are simply labels people project onto something, someone or events. These values are not constant, they change all the times, they must be relevant to their opposite to have effable and comprehensible meaning.

However, these relative values are necessary in our world of duality as we will not know right if there is no so-called wrong, we do not know darkness without brightness, we do not know happiness without experiencing sadness, the list goes on….. We know these values of polarity are here for a reason, yet, we don’t necessarily have to be confined by these relative values which are actually impermanent, we can simply look out of the box to be aware that these values are only concepts created by man for the sake of understanding life experiences more fully, they have nothing to do with the ultimate reality.

Relativity is only a conceptual phenomenon interpreted as a reality by human beings, in fact, things and people simply are, they are what they are, they are NOT what you think they are as each of you might have different perception and interpretation of the same thing/person/event. We, human being, simply love adding values to what we perceive, when more people are adding similar values to the same thing, that becomes a “universal truth" most of the people believe and live by.

Most of us are blocked by ourselves, namely our logic, our mental construct, our thinking patterns, our past experiences, they are there for a reason, all created by “I", your current earthly reality are simply a product of “I" as you are the one to create your experiences, yet “I" is simply a concept, for “I" does not actually exist, do you think the tree and your dog know what “I" is, they don’t, they just are what they are, there are existence going on in the moment of now. Yet, the “I" concept can lead us to the ultimate truth through which we can know who we really are. For without knowing what you are not, you have no way to know who you really are.

The path to know who you really are——each of us coming from one single source in an individualized form to experience life itself, is conceptually simple, yet unconceivably difficult in practice which is to let go of the concept of “I". Without “I", there is no one to fear, no one to worry, no one to think, no one to become selfish and greedy, no one to block our access to knowing our true selves, …..all of a sudden, you are free, you are centered in a space full of peace, silence & joy. 

When the truth is unveiled, you realize it takes nothing to be who you really are, you simply drop what you think you are which is everything associated with “I” to know who you really are.

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