Acting from Love

Portrait of a happy mature man and woman carrying kids on back at the beach

My son slammed the door after saying rudely a few words to his mom: “Leave me alone, Okay? Don’t bother me anymore!” I was astonished to hear that, and before I could possibly figure out what to do about the situation, I heard my wife’s instantaneous response to him: “Remember what you said to me today, don’t regret what you just said!”

The air in the living room was filled with tension and heaviness. A couple of minutes after what happened, to my surprise, my son suddenly came out of his room and stretched out his hand to his mom as a friendly gesture to pacify the atmosphere. My wife immediately picked up his signal and stood up for him. My 20-year-old son then stepped up to hug his mom, I could easily tell that she was deeply touched and softened to hug her son back at once. They couldn’t wait to apologize to each other for what they had just said.In a matter of minutes, I witnessed how an act of conflict was effortlessly transformed into an act of love in my own family.

Conflict is common if not inevitable in human interaction, especially with our own family members, even though they are the people we love most. It is almost impossible, that all family members living together, every day in the same place will not get into some kinds of troubles and conflict with one another.

In face of conflicts in the family, we can always remind ourselves, that it is love that brings all members together – for the sake of experiencing what true love is. However, if we choose to respond from a place of fear, we end up hurting both ourselves and those dearest to us. The longer we insist on a fear-based response to the conflict, the more we are away from love and thus suffer. Only when we choose to respond from the source of love by not being tempted to believe our negative thoughts, again and again, we will learn and grow from the experiences by consciously choosing to neutralize negativity with love.

Go hug your family. Hug them whenever you feel like you wish to; simply do that for no reason. Don’t wait until you think necessary, the very act of hugging expresses what you really are, which is love, for love is the true nature of life we all share.

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