From suffering to happiness  

happy kid

Life is full of challenges, no matter how much wealth you possess, how pretty you look, how famous you are, challenges in life could still easily find a way to sip into your life, making you suffer.  Given the inevitability of challenges in life, it seems that suffering out of the challenges experienced is a condition we cannot avoid in life.

Challenges as heavy as finding out that your spouse has been sleeping with someone else, down to trivial issues such as your wife yelled at you for not lifting the toilet seat again this morning, the list can be endless….

The fact is, there is no way you can completely prevent challenges from visiting your life as we are all co-creating life together especially with partners close to you, you have no choice but to face or evade them when they show up. You then easily fall into the abyss of self-created suffering when you believe you are the victim of the challenges at the mercy of what happens to you.

When you believe you are a victim of what happens, you are creating the life situations with your mind power validating what you believed in the first place.  When you do find proof in your reality what you believed is true, you become even more attached to the belief that you are a victim and the whole tragic story around being a victim, you suffer when you react like automatically as a result of your identification with your thoughts and beliefs about what happened.

A way out of this mind trap is to see what happens as it is, rather than what you THINK or BELIEVE it is. Drop labeling & value judgment about every experience, try to simply see it from a standpoint of an infant and stop the routine thinking process by not thinking any further about it. Rather, place your focus on your body in the present moment, your breath, your body sensations, anything will do.

Here’s an example, when your boss is saying that you are an idiot, rather than analyzing it with your sets of inherent judgment about what you heard, you can simply hear it from a standpoint of an infant with no judgment, then stop thinking further about it and focus in the now. You will most likely simply see your boss talking to you loudly about a meaning, indicating that he believes there is something you do not know well enough to meet his expectation, rather than feeling hurtfully offended about what he said about you personally.

Do you still suffer when you begin to change the way you see each and every challenge that pops up in life?

Chances are, yes, because there is a process through which you understand & grow by actually experience not concepts, you will still be walking and falling in face of life challenges, but you gradually pick up the rhythm, techniques and feeling about what it is like to be free from suffering one day.

The truth is, challenges take place for a reason, for your own good.  Whether it appears to be a cause of suffering to you depends very much on how you interpret the challenges. In order to know what joy & inner peace really is, I need to experience the opposite of them which was once regarded as suffering.

The experience of suffering is what makes joy and inner peace more meaningful and something that I am now truly grateful for.  Yet, in an effort to defend & feed our ego, it is simply human nature to easily fall into the prison and control of our rigid thinking and belief patterns, therefore, we often react to what happens the same way over and over again and suffer again and again as a result.

To be free from suffering, it takes willingness to open to the wisdom in the first place, then determination & courage as fuel to propel our way step by step to the opposite of suffering from our current hell-like conditions.

We all can and deserve to live a much more fulfilled, light and satisfied life once we can live direct from our very true natures which are unconditional love, joy & freedom, that’s indeed what we are here for as human being.

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