Fear and truth 恐懼與真相

fear and truth

恐懼來自對真相的無知。你說你一直都在聽主流社會說的“真相”,爲什麽在近年反而越來越感到恐懼?答案已經呼之欲出,因為那些並非真相,而是權威人士爲了更容易控制你而捏造出來的故事。只有真正的真相才能讓你從無意識的恐懼中解脫出來。停止單純的相信一切從權威人士聽來的“真相”,多向內傾聽你自己的心靈,真相就在你的內在。 當你知道的真相越多,你的恐懼就會越少。

Fear originates from your innocence to the truth. You may say, I have known lots of “truth" from the mainstream community since I was a kid, why do I only get more and more fearful in recent years? The answer already speaks for itself, because those “truth" you have been told are mostly if not all stories fabricated by the authorities for the purposes of putting you under their control with fear. Only the genuine truth can liberate you from fear. So stop believing by simply taking in whatever you are told by authorities, listen inwardly to your heart instead, the truth is never away from you. The more truth you realize, the less fear you will carry with you.



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