Love yourself


If you really love yourself, you don’t need someone to love you, you no longer depend on others for love, you will then be able to share your love with others without expecting love in return.  Like attracts like, you end up drawing more love towards you when you are filled with love as a result of self love.

Love yourself” 有 2 則迴響

  1. I’ve found that the less dependent you are on others to make you feel whole, the more appealing you become.

  2. True, there is no way we can really love others without fisrt loving ourselves, we are all one, loving ourselves equates loving others. Once we filled ourselves with self-love, we feel our very essence, which is love, we are love, it is not necessary for us to depend on anyone for love, yet, we cant help but attract people vibrating at like frequency to share their love with us.

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