Nothing & everything

The greatest truth is always the simplest, the closer to the truth the simpler the path, so there is no path at all to the ultimate truth. Havingness arises from nothingness, the biggest having can only come from nothing. 

One day when you don’t really need to HAVE anything, you become everything, it’s like a droplet reunited with the ocean, you will realize that you are already being in the state of the biggest HAVINGNESS.

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  1. Currencys are mearly a media of exhgcnae. The intention was to allow a producer of one product to exhgcnae with producers of other products. The problems begin when people who produce nothing buy up all of one product then extort a premium price by causing artificial shortages, or manipulating prices by going naked short selling products they dont have lowering prices sending producers out of business again causeing future shortages. Worst is printing money backed by nothing.

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