New era


Have you noticed that our world is undergoing some rapid changes? The old economic system is collapsing, those used to be super powers are all in some sorts of deep financial predicaments, people are spontaneously standing up against suppression and deception imposed by the government, more and more truth hidden are now being unveiled etc.

Do you think all these happen merely by chance? Pay more attention to the subtle changes unfolding in the world and the relationships among them, you will notice that the reason all those changes take place is a result of human beings stepping into a new era.

New era” 有 2 則迴響

  1. I still haven’t decided why all of this is happening. The hopeful part of me believes it is actually the change we’ve been waiting for…

  2. It is, trust your own instinct, go with your gut feeling from your heart, you will know you are in the course of some big changes.

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