Automatic writing, talking, walking…. are actually less mystical as you think they should be. These all are natural behaviors when you let go of your thinking mind, when you don’t analyze, when you trust there is a divine power as space or void carrying you and pouring love, wisdom and knowing into you. You become an vacant vessel through which truth can pass from within. It is the you believed to be the only you (your intellect) that veils your illuminating core from presenting itself to you.

The moment you surrender to only what is, you flow with the current of the stream without any resistance, you don’t need to do anything, you just flow with it without figuring right or wrong, you are not afraid of where you will be taken to, trust the divinity behind that carries you without flaw. The behaviors you labeled as automatic writing etc. come along when you are in the state of surrender which takes place in the moment of now. It’s like learning to float on the water the first time, you think you fear you sink, once you don’t think, you surrender & trust the power of nature, you float. You win when you no longer fear to lose.

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