Question your deep-seated beliefs


Most people today are blind to those established and mainstream notions and beliefs, they think and react like a robot, needless to say, the dark controllers behind the scene want us to behave exactly this robotic way, this way, we are kept unconscious, we all become the sheeps (as you put it) for easy manipulation.

Doctors are people who are trained to be loyal in service to the dark ones as tools to implement their plans to exploit their own people, that’s why they are very well paid to keep their mouth shut and conscience overshadowed. Our over-reliance on western medication is simply one of the signs showing how vulnerable we are which is still the majority, sadly speaking, to being easily enslaved by a few in the world we are living today.

To change that, what we need to do is to simply wake up from our slumber and act consciously rather than always falling into our behavioral inertia, question the realities around us and choose again who we really wish to be.


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