Inner world 內在世界

inner peace

It really matters not what happens outside of you even though it looks very much like it does, what truly matters is what happens inside of you in direct response to what happens outside. For life is indeed a journey during which you cultivate your inner world through what happens in the outside world.

不必太介懷外在世界所發生的事情, 無論事情如何令你受苦, 其實, 對你的人生真正重要的,並非外在世界的一切,而是你如何回應外在世界所發生的事情和對自己內心的狀態和感受保持覺知。因為人生,只是個通過外在世界所發生的種種看似真實的表像, 成就一個無論如何都能夠平靜和喜悅的內在旅程。 有一天,你會發現,原本人生的一切際遇都只是令你從夢中醒來的催化劑。




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