Truth seeking


If you are in the course of seeking truth, you may choose to read books, seek advice from someone, listen to mentors and be inspired by them.  It is fine to take any of these means for the purpose and choose what to take to become your own truth, yet, remember not to rely on any of them, once you reply on a dogma, a book, a fortune teller or a guru, you are already off-balanced. Dependence on someone outside of you is like giving your own power away, you are no longer truly responsible for your own life but passively replying on someone you look up to to take control of yours.

Be responsible for your life by trusting yourself even if it means that you don’t have to trust what I now say to you if you don’t feel like it’s your truth.  Simply trust your gut feeling when you hear something that resonates with your heart which is indeed the very core of your being.  Trust that you will recognize the truth by simply being with it without analyzing and thinking about it.

Truth reasonates with your soul.

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