What I believe about death is like going home, not physically, but spiritually. That’s why I am really not afraid of death as I know the consciousness of ME after the physical death is still there observing, feeling, thinking and remembering…after hanging around and meeting friends in the astral plane, the spirit will incarnate with a new identity and body on earth again.

The after-death state in most cases will be a blissful experience unless the one chooses not to, those are usually people die with intense negative emotional attachment. These souls then hang around the world where I used to live as human as ghosts, it is their persistence in what they believe to be right and necessary that keep them hang up in a world to where they no longer belong.

As living human, we need to know that there is nothing to fear about death for the death of you is not possible, death here is only referred to physical death more or less like taking off a worn-out jackets and replace it with a new one. It’s also a door through which you go back to where you originally came from, a sense of homecoming will be experienced following the physical death when you regain the  memory of who you really are.

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