Life is not about what to experience, but how.


It really matters not what happens in your life, focus instead on how to look at life experiences including those you believed to be bad, miserable, sufferable and even fatal.  Try to choose a non-conventional perspective to see these “bad” experience, instead of focusing on the bad side towards a “bad” experience, focus on the opposite side of the “bad” experience, such as seeing your body in perfectly healthy condition when you are sick; locate and feel the joy of having what you now have during the period you feel lacking; feel how free your mind can go when you are somehow restricted, see how you can transform your bad mood through shifting your focus and perspective in almost an instant, all by yourself.

What makes life really beautiful is when you know you can be in control of your life’s quality by changing the way you look at it.  The truth is, the so-called bad experiences in life are not meant to run you over or even impair your life quality, they are there for a reason, they are there for you to remind you to transcend them through changing your perspective & focus to address them.

Given the different experiences you encounter in life, choose wisely HOW you see them rather than being immersed in the notions of right and wrong/good or bad judgment about them, you will then be able to enjoy your journey ahead always with a smile.

Life is not about what to experience, but how.” 有 2 則迴響

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