Be responsible for yourself


Do you believe you have to be responsible for someone dear to you?

Not really, you don’t have to be responsible for anyone.  Everyone lives their life the way they want for some purposes.  People you hold dear to are those who agreed to come to your life to assist you in some ways, to realize your life purposes and vice versa.  You are indeed helping each other in a series of happenings and situations in life for the reasons hidden from you at the time of living this life.

The truth is, you are the only person who can be responsible for your life, for it is you who chose to incarnate to this life for experiencing what you wish to experience with the assistance of people who come to this lifetime.  They are what they are to cause you to experience what you need in this lifetime for growth and balance and they are doing it only because they love you beyond measure.

Rather than being responsible for other’s life, be full responsible for yours instead; rather than feeling responsible to fix others, be a quiet role model for others instead; rather than trying to control other’s thinking & behavior, inspire, encourage & attract them instead.

Only when you are fully responsible for yourself rather than others, you stop blaming others for being a cause of your suffering, you start giving strength and power back to the person you felt responsible for, changes take place like miracles as you allow others to be responsible for themselves again.

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  1. To be able to help others, we must able to help ourselves first. Without able to self-sustain, how can we expect we have any left for others?

    Cool. Nice post you have!

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