Don’t believe your thoughts


You always hang on to situations, things & people for senses of security & values for identification & acknowledgement of yourself, you can’t help but define your world with all these elements.   However, have you ever noticed that the more you are attached to them, the less joyful and only more fearful your life will become.

You see, when your state of being depends on something outside of you, something you cannot always have control of, you are susceptible to so many external issues that are changing all the time.  When you perceived those changes as “unwanted or Bad", you felt upset as a result.  In fact, it was not the change that made you upset, it is indeed how you think about the change that made you so, it is your way of interpretting your life situations that cause your suffering.  It is your thoughts coming from your fear-driven notions that determine how you interpret the outer world, it is those notions that actually keep you in a state of passiveness & suffering.

Whenever you feel like you are suffering, stop believing what you think about the issue, simply stay clam & still by taking a few deep breaths.  Accept the situation as it is unconditionally with a open heart instead, you will see what kind of transformation that takes place inside you.

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