The biggest progress in spiritual advancement does not come from how much you acquire for yourself, but how much you let go of yourself as most of the people are still living in their egos that they are so attached to theirs without consciously knowing it, but your ego is not you, it simply disguises as you, it indeed blocks your vision and veil your consciousness as if your ego is the only “real” you that is available.
You are an invisible treasure that is covered by millions of layers from your pasts, you simply do not have any idea who you truly are until you remove all these layers. You are living in an illusion in which your ego enjoys making all kinds of judgement about yourself and the world around you, that is the very cause of your being unhappy, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, fearful, unconscious in a way that you live like a reactive robot….,which is driven by a powerful force of inertia from your past lives.
Only when you can let go of your ego, you will then be free again to feel your true existence with consciousness, the joy within, the wisdom, the deep peace & tranquility……. you are connected with your inner core which is the real you from behind – your soul.Happy ride to your soul.

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