The end of the world

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There is no such thing as the end of the world, what feels like “the end of the world” only exists in people’s minds who choose to keep vitalizing and renewing their sad stories every moment. You will be set free by simply letting go of the sad stories your mind keeps holding onto as a victim of what happened to you, for you are not victim of anything at all, you are simply a player of the game called LIFE, everyone has a different life path to take and your path is full of diversified experiences which you often interpret as good or bad, happy or sad, right or wrong. These are simply your judgment, they are simply what they are, an experience to teach and enlighten you, you are living this lifetime to go through your experiences, meet the people you are supposed to meet….along the way, you might suffer by reacting unconsciously to people and situations, you keep suffering when you hang on to your habitual thinking patterns, however, one day, when you are really fed up with this way of life, you might begin to seek new meaning to life, the door is then open where you see cracks of light shining through it, the darkness of your negative emotion will then be brightened up, you will see life from a different perspective, you’ll see the truth about life, life is simply about playing a role in a dream state so that you take everything for real, you really feel like suffering while in a nightmare, but the fact is, once you become conscious to know you are actually dreaming, your suffering stops, remember the last time you woke up with shock from your bad dream, how relieved it was when you realized that was only a nightmare! You no longer suffer from the situations of your dream once you know you were dreaming. Likewise, you stop suffering from your life experiences once you “wake up” from your dream of living in what feels like hell to your mind.

The reality is simply what is, happiness, loss of loved one, romance, loss of a relationship, “betrayal”, success, sickness, poverty, wealth, hatred, compassion………these are simply contours and scenery of your life blueprint, there is no good or bad about it as all are subject to your own choices, walk your path with an open heart and try to see everything as they are, rather than what you think they are with attachment of your own story through the filter of your mind which is a construct of the emotion conglomerates from your past.

Your fearing the end of the world is only a thought that exists in your mind, it’s there only when you allow it.



The biggest progress in spiritual advancement does not come from how much you acquire for yourself, but how much you let go of yourself as most of the people are still living in their egos that they are so attached to theirs without consciously knowing it, but your ego is not you, it simply disguises as you, it indeed blocks your vision and veil your consciousness as if your ego is the only “real” you that is available.
You are an invisible treasure that is covered by millions of layers from your pasts, you simply do not have any idea who you truly are until you remove all these layers. You are living in an illusion in which your ego enjoys making all kinds of judgement about yourself and the world around you, that is the very cause of your being unhappy, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, fearful, unconscious in a way that you live like a reactive robot….,which is driven by a powerful force of inertia from your past lives.
Only when you can let go of your ego, you will then be free again to feel your true existence with consciousness, the joy within, the wisdom, the deep peace & tranquility……. you are connected with your inner core which is the real you from behind – your soul.Happy ride to your soul.

All is well

Those who often bring about your negative emotion are ostensibly the cause of your suffering, in fact, you made a deal with them before you incarnated into this life, your encounter with each other in this life is absolutely no coincidence, without knowing it themselves, they enter your life in order to assist you to transcend your suffering and eventually achieve your spiritual growth, well, of course, you do the same for them.
Once you understand they are here with you for a divine reason, you will no longer blame them for what they are, you will become peaceful from within, you will be able to open your heart to accept and forgive whatever seem to come against you, for you now realize that it is necessary for you to experience every situation that can happen to you during your lifetime, indeed all is perfect for you no matter what appeared otherwise.

You are the cure yourself 你是治療的本身


Whenever someone become very emotionally negative, such as anger, sadness, hatred, fear and worry etc., beware not to be invaded⋯⋯ by those negative energies. Doctors all know very well the importance to avoid being infected by their own patients. Only when you keep yourself in positive state, you can then be helpful to others for darkness cannot exist when light sets in; likewise, no negative energy (negative emotion) can last when the positive energy shines through. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe, whenever you meet with someone in negative emotion, don’t get yourself inundated emotionally by negativity and be sure to stay firm with your loving and positive energy.  When you are a being full of love, the power of serene stability emanated from within will create a soothing and balancing magnetic field around you, the negativity carried by that person will dissolve gradually as a result of your presence with him/her. It is not the cures that you seek to have healed someone for you are the very cure yourself.

當別人的情緒變得非常負面,如生氣、悲哀、仇恨、恐懼、憂慮等等,首先你要避免被對方的負面情緒入侵,正如做醫生的要避免被自己的病人的病菌傳染一樣。要讓自己的情緒保持正面你才能真正幫助對方,因為,光的出現自然會令黑暗消失,同理,正能量的出現才能驅走別人的負能量(負面情緒),而宇宙間最大的正能量就是愛,當你遇到帶有負面情緒(負能量)的人,記住不要被感染,堅定你的愛心和正向思維。當你是一個充滿愛的存在體,來自你內在的安定能量會產生一個平衡和舒緩的磁場,你的出現自然能夠把對方的負能量慢慢驅去。 你不需刻意尋找方法治療對方,因為,你就是治療的本身。



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You attract what you are. Very simple, you attract a woman if you are a man; you attract wealth if you are a wealthy person; you attract joy if you are a happy person. The opposite is also true. The question you will most likely ask may be, what can I do to attract what I want if I am not yet the person I want to be? You can do it through guiding your thoughts.

Convince yourself you already are the person you desire to be faithfully without any hesitation, the relevant power of attractive will then be activated. The faith from within you can be developed by expressing gratitude, sharing and visualizing the effects of already being who you want to be. Direct your mind to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want, in doing so, you will have a good feeling about yourself when what you have in your mind align with your inner core which is love, abundance, joy, freedom, infinity, fearlessness in nature.

Look within

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No matter how busy you are, try to spare some time to focus on within, because there is no way you can actually access to your true value and nature through seeking externally, the essence of you has always been within you which is often neglected by you. This you which is known as your ego has been always believed to be the only you, this is the you as the subject to perceive the world around you and create your every life experiences, yet your ego is also the very cause of all your suffering. The good news is, you are actually not your ego。

To realize who you truly are, the only way is to look within, just to spend a minute or two each time, a few times a day, stop thinking & stay focused in the NOW moment and within, you can feel the peace and tranquility from within you, all suffering and emotional pain that have been associated with your mind will be blocked from entering your being, your true essence will be felt from within you.



Stop acting on fear anymore. Think, speak and act based on love, behave lovingly and compassionately in every single moment and be aware and conscious of the intent behind whatever you do, you will soon notice how your life is changed to a direction you really desire. Be love as you are love inseparable to the ocean of love in the universe in which all including those seem intolerable to you can be encompassed with your love and transmuted into love energies just like you are.

Rest assured that fear will no longer be the theme of your life anymore no matter what happens.