Controlling life is the very reason you feel miserable,for life is not something you can control.  Life will take care of itself without YOU playing an active role, no more struggle when you choose to surrender and go with the flow, for life is simply an automatic process in which everything unfolds.


Right or wrong


People like figuring out right or wrong of everything which is the very reason they often miss the truth, for the truth is neither right nor wrong, the truth simply is.



The purpose of reincarnation is not for debt or favour repayment, but to finish in the new lifetime the unfinished evolutionary processes so that the soul can awaken to remember who one really is through experiencing many differnt kinds of life situations required leading to self introspection & realization, consequently, leaving the cycle of reincarnation.

Who you really are?

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We are all living in a world of duality where there is good or bad, left or right, right or wrong, happy or sad, these are simply labels people project onto something, someone or events. These values are not constant, they change all the times, they must be relevant to their opposite to have effable and comprehensible meaning.

However, these relative values are necessary in our world of duality as we will not know right if there is no so-called wrong, we do not know darkness without brightness, we do not know happiness without experiencing sadness, the list goes on….. We know these values of polarity are here for a reason, yet, we don’t necessarily have to be confined by these relative values which are actually impermanent, we can simply look out of the box to be aware that these values are only concepts created by man for the sake of understanding life experiences more fully, they have nothing to do with the ultimate reality.

Relativity is only a conceptual phenomenon interpreted as a reality by human beings, in fact, things and people simply are, they are what they are, they are NOT what you think they are as each of you might have different perception and interpretation of the same thing/person/event. We, human being, simply love adding values to what we perceive, when more people are adding similar values to the same thing, that becomes a “universal truth” most of the people believe and live by.

Most of us are blocked by ourselves, namely our logic, our mental construct, our thinking patterns, our past experiences, they are there for a reason, all created by “I”, your current earthly reality are simply a product of “I” as you are the one to create your experiences, yet “I” is simply a concept, for “I” does not actually exist, do you think the tree and your dog know what “I” is, they don’t, they just are what they are, there are existence going on in the moment of now. Yet, the “I” concept can lead us to the ultimate truth through which we can know who we really are. For without knowing what you are not, you have no way to know who you really are.

The path to know who you really are——each of us coming from one single source in an individualized form to experience life itself, is conceptually simple, yet unconceivably difficult in practice which is to let go of the concept of “I”. Without “I”, there is no one to fear, no one to worry, no one to think, no one to become selfish and greedy, no one to block our access to knowing our true selves, …..all of a sudden, you are free, you are centered in a space full of peace, silence & joy. 

When the truth is unveiled, you realize it takes nothing to be who you really are, you simply drop what you think you are which is everything associated with “I” to know who you really are.

The role of your mind

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The role of our mind is to do the job of making thoughts, it is the non-physical aspects of the physical organ called brain which interprets human perceptions such as sight vs eyes, taste vs tongue, hearing vs ears…. These are the effects of the various parts of our physical body which by design are very useful in a way that we can live our human lives in this 3D world experientially, brain for instance is very powerful and useful to enable a human to function properly. We use our brain to remember, analyze, think, store….however, our mind is also addicted to it’s thinking patterns that generates emotion and judgment which in my personal experiences is the very cause of our suffering during our lifetime experience. Since the power of the preset mind is so strong that it works like a very strong magnet that pushes our way through our entire lifetime according to a certain pattern – a pattern we call destiny that we are attracted to follow. The back-pushing force is so powerful as it comes from what we have done in our past lives, it forms an inner inertia deep inside our mind that we cannot easily cast off the gravitation as most of us only believe what their minds tell them, they are so attached to what the mind thinks and perceives to be the only and ultimate truth.

However, the truth is, the world we are living in is illusory, the 3D reality is a product of the collective consciousness of the people living in it. Such 3D reality is built based on fear, that’s why, no matter how happy you think you are now, you just can’t keep it, the happiness projected by the mind is always fleeting, because our logical mind is laden with fear, it always feel deficient, it always requires more to fill it’s deficiency in order to be temporarily sufficient. Because of fear, the mind becomes easily egoistic so as to uphold it’s superiority status in order to be judgmental against anything, anyone less superior to the subject. The mind is thus the very cause of all suffering, no thing, no one in the world is painful, bad, wrong, inferior, mind makes it so by labeling the objects the way the mind believe. Yet, the mind has it’s role in human experience, we cannot be judgmental ourselves, we need to see the mind the way it really is. For instance, the mind helps you organize your life in a more sequential & logical manner when required, the mind also helps you remember what you need to recall from your past experiences and knowledge to be used in the now etc…the very fact is that it has it’s pros and cons.

Once I depend much less on mind, I still know what I need to know, I don’t actually need to use my brain to perform any thinking as I did when I talk and type, I just know them without passing through the old route which is slower and less efficient. Mind is a storage and data processing device for past knowledge and memories of what had occured, it cannot create anything new at all, you can only create when you can bypass your mind, such as when I am now typing, I only know what I typed after I typed. I only know what I spoke after I spoke (sometimes still quite a surprise for me to know what I just spoke after I spoke something). I heard the voiced words to know what I actually said the very first time. These are my actual personal experience to share with you about how our mind blocks our vision to the truth and being creative.

I don’t care if I am talking about new age, buddha, spirituality or psychic, I don’t really care as I know I am simply telling what I know to be truth, words simply flows out from within as one of the life experiences for me to know better who I am. No need to label what people said as something, they are what they are.

The key to the truth, is to see things as they really are. The mind is a construct which veils what is, once you drop your veil, you become part of the truth, you are truth, you are truth that no longer in a state of separation as in the state of mind anymore. The truth cannot actually be spoken, once it’s spoken in some ways, it is not the very truth,for the way it is spoken can simply describe what the truth is like, but never the truth in it’s fullness and entity. Look, the gap is big between perception with mind and no mind, when you see something with mind, you keep judging and labeling everything you see with many adjectives, they are what you THINK they are and in many cases, inevitably, different people might have different interpretation of the same thing as the minds are different. When you see things without the mind involved, you see things as they originally and really are, without judgment, for orange is not orange, it is something named orange by the mind for the sake of convenience for communication , the list goes on…..

Love relationship

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If you are in trouble with your loved one, try not to blame him/her, don’t be judgmental. Try to be in his/her shoes, he/she is fine as he/she is, don’t try to change the other, you can only change yourself, or you can change your perspective so that you will have a different perception about him/her. Simply accept what he/she really is, acceptance of hardship itself is the very reason the hardship can be transmuted to a way you desire . Once you change yourself, your loved one will change as a result of your change. Don’t act otherwise, that means, don’t expect other to change first before you can change, as both of you will expect the same, no change will take place.

Your preset expectation and idea of what your loved one should be like and should do to treat you are thoughts arise from your ego, the intents of your ego in doing so is to relieve the pain and fear deep inside you with the feeling of how well you are treated and loved by your loved one. When you love someone with emotional expectation, you are no longer acting out love, you are simply demanding to be loved in a way you want it so that you can fill the black hole in your mind, in course of a relationship, you get upset and frustrated all the time as you realized your expectation can never be fulfilled, you then helplessly blame your loved one . What you are doing actually violates the law of true love as it is an act of unconditional giving of your presence with love to others without the need to demand for pay-back,it’s not an act of possession either. Only when you don’t expect your loved one to treat you the way you want to be treated and when you can surrender your ego, your love can start to flow smoothly through your vacant presence to others and receive the love from others the same way.

Don’t you know that the relationship you have with your love partner carries more meaning than you can possibly imagine, you have missions to complete, some life lessons to learn in many cases through suffering. Therefore, there is actually no absolute right or wrong in a love relationship, but only the experience itself through which you can achieve a spiritual growth with help of your partner.

Cherish the chance to stay with your loved one, be grateful purely for his/her presence with you, for he/she is your partner bearing a mission to awaken you in ways that might not be preferable but helpful to you.



Automatic writing, talking, walking…. are actually less mystical as you think they should be. These all are natural behaviors when you let go of your thinking mind, when you don’t analyze, when you trust there is a divine power as space or void carrying you and pouring love, wisdom and knowing into you. You become an vacant vessel through which truth can pass from within. It is the you believed to be the only you (your intellect) that veils your illuminating core from presenting itself to you.

The moment you surrender to only what is, you flow with the current of the stream without any resistance, you don’t need to do anything, you just flow with it without figuring right or wrong, you are not afraid of where you will be taken to, trust the divinity behind that carries you without flaw. The behaviors you labeled as automatic writing etc. come along when you are in the state of surrender which takes place in the moment of now. It’s like learning to float on the water the first time, you think you fear you sink, once you don’t think, you surrender & trust the power of nature, you float. You win when you no longer fear to lose.