Cause of suffering 令你受苦的念頭


None of your suffering is originated from factors outside of you, you literally create your suffering by your thoughts in response to what happened.  In other words, you did not suffer as a direct result of something happened to you, you suffered simply because you THOUGHT you suffered for the reason you believed. When you realize that suffering are simply some incessant thoughts that you keep hanging on to, suffering no longer survives when you consciously choose to let go of those thoughts.
你所受的苦其實並非由外在因素直接造成的,而只是你自己想出來的。 當你明白痛苦只是一些你堅持要延續的念頭,你便可以通過選擇放下這個念頭而不再感到痛苦。



Here & now

ultmate truth

The ultimate truth cannot be SPOKEN,

the greatest achievement cannot be DONE,

there is nowhere you need to go,

the biggest courage is to simply BE in the here and now.

The biggest



Fear is human’s biggest enemy.

Attachment to beliefs is our biggest obstacle.

The biggest truth is already within.

Love is the universe’s biggest power.

True love



True love is when you are willing to love someone unconditionally, not for something in return, not to possess the one you love.  Otherwise, your love is still a means to satisfy your own desires.  






Ask yourself, what positive qualities you can learn from your negative life situations?  For instance, forgiveness, patience, optimism, positivity, humor, letting go, self-love, giving, partnership, caring, emotion release etc.  Treat the negative experiences as your teachers, you will find it easier to accept the adverse situation with open arms even when such persists.

The truth is, the more you can respond positively to negativity, the less you will experience  life situations that you previously labelled as negative.


As you wish


If you want more money, cause others to make more money.

If you want more love, cause others to feel your love.

If you want to become a person of wisdom, cause someone else to have wisdom.

If you want to become more healthy, take better care of other’s health and do nothing to harm other lives on purpose.

If I have not mentioned exactly the things that you want, I believe you already know now how to get it.

Be cause.