Real happiness, does not derive from wishes fulfilled, but simply the reality of present moment satisfied.




Everyone feels like having ever been hurt by others, the more intimate
the relationship you have with others, the more hurtful and impactful their
behaviors can do to you, you probably have developed hatred towards some of
them as a result. You actually suffer when you hate someone, yet you can choose
to break free of your emotional bondage when you forgive.

You may say you can hardly forgive someone unconditionally when you think they hurt you on purpose,
the fact is, the one you love has never hurt you on purpose, it is indeed the
reactive response of your mind that lables their words or acts as an offence
directed against you.

Unconditional forgiveness is an expression of love,  forgiving others equates to freeing yourself, loving yourself, enabling you to
stride into a realm of true freedom and unconditional love that is full of bliss and peace.

What is


The world that most people perceive is what they think the world is
through the filter of their minds rather than what the world actually is. In
order to know what the world actually is, simply imagine your consciousness as
a mirror, for a mirror can only honestly tell on which the world is reflected, the
real world is then revealed with nothing added or subtracted.


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Everything in the universe plays a role & serves a purpose of it’s own, which is an integral part of the whole that co-exists with other parts in harmony contributing to the perfect balance of nature.

Human beings, as a species in the puzzle of nature, we have to live in balance with it, ensuring that we are not paying the price of sacrificing the balance of nature while we advance our civilization.

If we keep sabotaging the other species as well as the earth herself for selfish reasons, loss of balance will be resulted, the earth will inevitably respond to us through states of instability.




When what you believe coincides with the majority, you are “normal” in the world we are living in, though normal doesn’t necessarily mean correct. When what you believe does not conincides with the majority, you are likely regarded as adnormal, though adnormal doesn’t necessarily mean wrong. Sometimes, living from your heart is not an easy task especially when you are already labelled as an adnormal individual, it takes more courage and persistence than “normal” people to do so which can only come from your unshakable faith about the truth from within. The good news is, you are not alone.

Don’t believe your thoughts


You always hang on to situations, things & people for senses of security & values for identification & acknowledgement of yourself, you can’t help but define your world with all these elements.   However, have you ever noticed that the more you are attached to them, the less joyful and only more fearful your life will become.

You see, when your state of being depends on something outside of you, something you cannot always have control of, you are susceptible to so many external issues that are changing all the time.  When you perceived those changes as “unwanted or Bad”, you felt upset as a result.  In fact, it was not the change that made you upset, it is indeed how you think about the change that made you so, it is your way of interpretting your life situations that cause your suffering.  It is your thoughts coming from your fear-driven notions that determine how you interpret the outer world, it is those notions that actually keep you in a state of passiveness & suffering.

Whenever you feel like you are suffering, stop believing what you think about the issue, simply stay clam & still by taking a few deep breaths.  Accept the situation as it is unconditionally with a open heart instead, you will see what kind of transformation that takes place inside you.



Controlling life is the very reason you feel miserable,for life is not something you can control.  Life will take care of itself without YOU playing an active role, no more struggle when you choose to surrender and go with the flow, for life is simply an automatic process in which everything unfolds.