You may not be able to choose what you experience in life, however, you can always choose how you interpret your life experiences.  Can’t you?

Whenever you experience something you labeled as bad, try to choose a perspective as an observer to see the experience as it is, you will begin to realize that all experience is indeed neutral, it was you who gave meaning to what happened making an experience good or bad, thus giving rise to your corresponding emotions such as feeling happy or upset.

You can be happy, upset or simply still no matter what happens in your life, the choice is always yours and your choice defines who you are at the time of choosing.


It’s alright


It’s alright ! The experience of suffering is simply what it looks like so to you, rather than the truth itself.  You learn life lessons through what appear to be painful experiences life has to teach you.  Do not miss the sweetness of the orange flesh simply because of the bitterness of the orange peel.

It’s alright !  Toddlers learning to walk keep falling and crying.  All the pain you have experienced is simply the alarm clock to inspire your courage & wake up your soul.  When you were still in a nightmare , you mired in fear and anxiety, because you thought that the dream was your only reality, when you awakened, you immediately understood that your suffering was nothing but simply a terrible illusion.

It’s alright, no matter what you’ve gone through, what you are going through, what you worry about going through in the future, you are always loved unconditionally by an almighty force behind life as you know it. 

It’s alright, everything that happens to you is simply life experience that are neutral in nature which is not good or bad, right or wrong, pretty or ugly, it’s indeed your thinking that makes it so.  Everything happens for a reason & purpose without exception, all for your highest good. 

It’s alright ! Because joy is not something you need to seek and depend upon from the outside , it’s your true nature.  You simply don’t know it, when you know it you simply don’t believe it.  You said it sounds too good to be true.  But, feel it, it’s there when you let go of what you think to be true to know the ultimate truth.   

Take a few deep breaths, can’t you feel you are perfectly alright?



What is reality? The so-called reality is simply what you think your state of life and the world you are in should be, this is a mind-based reality you created based very much on your notions of value which have been instilled into your mind since you were little. You were conditioned to hold such notions to distinguish what is right from wrong, what is good from bad, what is true from false and as a result, you keep judging everything you encounter in life and judge yourself if you are happy, satisfied, successful and a good person.  

You can choose to depend on your notions collected from the past as a basis to make most of your decisions for today & tomorrow, or, you can choose to respond from your heart rather than your thinking mind to what is in the present moment.  Yes, it’s simply a matter of choice. 

Let go of the notions that you cling to which are nothing but rigid layers that veil your awareness. You and the world is not what you think it is, it simply is.  Once you choose to act upon your heart in every moment of now rather than your notions, you will be aware of the reality of what is.




Do you easily feel hurt by what others say to or about you? The fact is, no matter what others say about you, what they said will never be the real cause of your suffering.  Your being hurtwas usually caused by some unhealed emotional traumas you experienced in the past that you still carry today.  If the traumas can be properly taken care of, you will not easily feel hurt no matter what others said about you.  Your thoughts in response to what people said can no longer be fueled by any of your dormant traumas leading to emotional upheaval.

Next time when you are again mad at what seems like verbal attack against you, stop and look within, you will notice that that it is actually the unhealed traumas you have within that triggered your reflective resentment to what people said about you.

Your traumas will be healed when you begin to notice them, be in the present with them and embrace them unconditionally.

Life map 人生地圖


Life is like a map, you will realize that all roads on the map already exist if you can see the whole picture from a higher perspective, however, it’s up to you to decide which road to take, it’s also your choice as to how you experience and interpret whatever you encounter on the roads.


Difficulties (Award-winning article)


The difficulties you encounter in your life are not supposed to torture you, but a reminder to let you know that you have some unfinished life lessons to which you need to address, it simply means you have not yet transcended a particular test life has to offer you.

Whenever you encounter difficulty in life, the first thing that you would say to yourself is “Thank you”, for life is finding a way to bring you an experience you need at a deeper level.

See difficulty encountered in life as catalyst to examine inwardly your state of being so that you can choose again to change your perspective and attitude towards a particular situation you labelled as suffering.


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There is no absolute right or wrong, good or bad about life, life is simply a neutral process in which we awaken to who we really are through experiencing, accepting and surrendering to what is.  Only when you let go of your deep-seated notions about what is, awakening can finally take place.